Getting 3D models tracts of land, buildings or structures.

The models obtained are georeferenced high precision, with high definition photographic screen (up to 1cm / px).


Support Service topography.

Getting terrain models of high-precision contour representation and reporting.


Making models of farms and homes. Highly accurate measurements (coordinates, elevation, slope, distances, areas, volumes etc.)

Tracking work with making regular models. In early stages the model can be used as a basis for planning and simulations.


Making models of structures and buildings. Realizión on the model of precision measurements.
Implementation of thermal imager for inspection of electrical installations, thermal leaks in industrial buildings etc.


Monitoring and supervision of dune systems.

Follow woodland and planning firefighting

Follow areas affected by forest fires and replanting planning.

Monitoring wetlands water status.


Making interactive models of farms and cottages. Facilitates
promoting properties, spaces and features and can perform measurements and represent model information.