In DroneSky S.L. we made a great effort and investment to build our own prototypes and implement new systems

Our goal is to find solutions that can be implemented by companies or authorities and achieve an improvement in productivity.


· Design and build prototypes for use in new fields untapped

Implement drone and offer innovative services to businesses and authorities, providing improvements . in efficiency and economy

· Cover the most popular service of the RPA sector filming and aerial photography, complying with and enforcing current regulations and standards of professional quality. Parallel development and provision of alternative systems for recording and dynamic height: Cablecam Systems Dronesky SL

· Promote the use of the RPA in the agricultural sector for modernization and improvement. Using our prototypes for the analysis of aerial spraying of crops and organic products in crops and trees.

· To offer our services altruistically, in emergency operations, cooperation with state bodies and forces and operations search and rescue.